Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Kieron Richardson: Hollyoaks Gayer Is A Gayer

Kieron Richardson came out live on This Morning this morning.
No, me neither.
Apparently he plays a young gayer "struggling with his sexuality" on Hollyoaks, and was in Dancing On Ice recently.
He made a pleasingly matter-of-fact statement about his decision - which also gives a little insight into the workings of the tabloids.
"When I was on Dancing On Ice, newspapers speculated and tried to say we kind of know and if you want to say so, you can do your story with us and get it out there.
"At that point, my personal life took a back step and it was more about the competition and trying to get through the next week rather than get a few column inches in the newspaper and maybe raise my profile at the time. But it wasn't about that.
"But now I feel that it's relevant and the storyline's relevant to some situations in my life then if maybe I can help people that are going through the same thing then it's a bonus."
Good for you.

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