Friday, 24 September 2010

ONS Gay Survey: 1 in 6 homosexuals are gay

The Daily Telegraph thought the ONS sexuality survey was front page news; 'Only one in 66 is gay', but bizarrely gave it just 134 words - the smallest coverage in any of the broadsheets.*
The Guardian, The Independent and The Times all gave over a page to it.
We might as well quote it in full...

"One-and-a-half per cent of the British population is homosexual or bisexual, according to the first official survey on sexual identity.
The estimate, equivalent to one person in 66, is well short of government assessments that put the figure as high as seven per cent. The latest figures come from a survey of 450,000 British people carried out by the Office for National statistics.
It concluded that 480,000 people are homosexual or lesbian and a further 245,000 bisexual.
Homosexual campaign groups welcomed the study but claimed it was an underestimate, as many people would not wish to make their sexuality public.
Philip Davies, the Tory MP, said it raised questions over the focus given to sexual preference in diversity issues.
About three per cent of respondents aid they "did not know" or refused to answer."

As ever, Fagburn loves the fact that the Telegraph still uses the prehistoric term "homosexual".
Even if they fuck up by using it twice in the same tiny, little article to mean two different things; "lesbians and gay men" and "gay men" (as opposed to lesbians).
Time to sort out your style guide, Colonel Blimp.
And who the heck is Philip Davies, "the Tory MP" who is quoted in the Telegraph, but also in The Sun and The Daily Express today?
And why should anyone give a fuck what he thinks about The Gays?
If you Google "Philip Davies MP gay" you'll see that Mr Davies has turned himself into quite a rent-a-quote of late, always more than happy to feed the tabloids with his bigoted take on any gay story they're planning to run.
He's the "Parliamentary Spokesman for the Campaign Against Political Correctness" - ie a bigot alligned to two lonely bigoted nutters.
He's certainly a man to watch - his website suggests he's a first class right-wing saloon bar shitbag, which may not surprise you.
More on Mr Davies a little later after we do a little digging.

* A different and longer piece appears online.

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