Saturday, 25 September 2010

ONS Gay Survey: A Doctor Writes

Curiouser and curiouser...
The Daily Telegraph isn't usually the go-to paper if you're looking to make sense of the cavalcade of nonsense issued in the wake of the ONS sexuality survey, but it was yesterday.
There's one page in today's Daily Telegraph that says most of what needed to be said.
ie it was nonsense.
Firstly, Matthew Norman - an old Guardian writer...

[Which Fagburn will provide a link to whenever the Daily Telegraph put it on their website. It was actually quite funny, though he did start off badly by quoting that cliched line from Samuel Johnson about statistics, and then went into a bizarre riff about Brighton as some fantasy Gayland where the streets are paved with Gays, which only exists in the minds of some journalists and stand-up comedians, but anyway...]

And right above it a letter from Dr Tony Bentley from Leicester.

No pride in gay figures

SIR – You report research (September 24) which shows that one in 66 will admit to being gay or bisexual. I can’t believe that the three per cent who “did not know” or would not say are all straight.
Rather than raising questions about the focus on diversity (the implication being that there should be less attention on this), it raises serious concerns about the ongoing shame that a significant number of people still bear over their sexuality.

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  1. The Matthew Norman feature mentioned still has not appeared online...