Friday, 24 September 2010

ONS Gay Survey: From The Express Messageboards

Daily Express readers are thrilled to bits - but still of course mad as hell - to learn that 'UK's Gay Population Is "Smaller Than Thought"'.

"The amount of gays on the TV would refute this report, the rag trade, theatre are full of them not just the odd one here and there, the BBC might have a look at the numbers it has in their shows and mainstream programmes because they are if this report is right over represented." Euripedes

"That's strange, listening to all the media luvvies you'd think that they were the majority. In the interests of ethnic diversity surely we are now due a cull. Let's start with the one who made the most fuss about the Pope's visit, Peter whatshisname." Jayhawk

"Good it should be uncounted as they dont deserve the recognition ,why is my taxes used to their advantage ,out of sight out of mind all perverts should be treated with the same accord." Retired

"The people of Britain have been deliberately lied to about the numbers to make it look as if there are more of these people. If only 1% of the population is homosexual, then why are there so many in parliament? If parliament represented the people - which it doesn't - then there would be not one homosexual in the cabinet and only 6 MPs. Yet, even among the Tories they seem to be in the majority. And what about the BBC? One in a hundred there? Yesterday, the BBC did not even mention this important news and you will see how they will try to hide it." Voter

And finally... Fagburn's Daily Express reader of the day, Frankofile. "I don't think any survey can be accurate when such delicate subjects are tackled. If you look at a gay porn website you will find all sorts from young teens to pensioners and very few are obviously homosexual looking.
Gay men are not all mincing queens with eye make up on and being married is no guarantee of heterosexuality."

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