Sunday, 26 September 2010

ONS Gay Survey: Oh Dear

It's hard to know where to start with this think [sic] piece published on Guardian online, written by one Joseph Galliano.
Apart from expressing my delight at how it is so beautifully written and well argued.
Oh hang on - I'm being sarcastic...
Fagburn presumes it must be the result of an editing error, and the piece that appears has been written by a particularly thick five year-old.
Oh well, these things happen.
Fagburn has nothing to say about Joe Galliano - or the fact he's clearly so thick it's a wonder he hasn't got a job as a draught excluder - but Fagburn loves the irony of Joe Galliarsehole (as I understand he is known to his former workmates) writing about gay men and the closet.
Could this be the same Joseph Galliano - the former editor of Gay Times - who edited a book, Dear Me, where he described himself as the former editor of a "national magazine"?
Fagburn wonders if he was ashamed of being gay.
Or of how bad he made Gay Times.
The mind boggles...

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