Monday, 13 September 2010

Poll: UK Catholics Hate Pope, Like Homos

A shock new poll for ITV's Tonight Programme shows British Roman Catholics believe that official Catholic dogma is a load of medieval old nonsense on a stick.
And more Catholics are now calling for Pope Benedict's resignation, than think homosexuality is wrong.
A massive 41% said that both gay and straight relationships should be celebrated.
While only a piss poor 11% of Catholics said they support church doctrine that homosexual acts were morally wrong.
11% is clearly the current the baseline level of fundamentalist Catholic nutters - exactly the same percentage said they agreed with the doctrine that abortion should only be allowed as an indirect consequence of lifesaving treatment.
A miniscule 4% believe contraception is wrong.
But 71% said it should be used more often to avoid disease and unwanted pregnancies.
A whopping 87% believe that the child abuse scandals have permanently damaged the reputation of the Catholic Church.
72% said the Pope should remain in his position - with 14% saying he should stand down.
Which means - officially, scientifically and absolutely unequivocally - that more British Roman Catholics hate the Pope (14%) than hate homosexuality (11%).
You do the math/s.

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