Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Richard Littlejohn Writes: From Mad Land

"Council staff in Brighton have been sent on a ‘Leading In Diversity’ course, which invites them to imagine they are living in ‘Lesbianandgayland’ — a parallel universe where ‘the ideal family consists of a lesbian or gay couple’ and ‘heterosexuals are reluctant to come out’.
Imagine? We’re halfway there already."
Yes, dear.

The Daily Mail and Mail On Sunday love this story; 'Council workers get a bit of diversity training during which they take part in a light-hearted role-playing game shock'.
Note how the article keeps saying its happening in Brighton (Where else! Boo hiss! etc etc), but neglects to mention that the council in question is Conservative-controlled...

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  1. More diversity training bashing from The Daily Mail here...