Thursday, 30 September 2010

Stonewall & Gay Marriage: Breaking The Silence

Stonewall have issued their official reply to the open letter criticising their silence over gay marriage.
"In summary, our view is that having started a consultative process it would be entirely inappropriate (and unfair to people engaging in it) to announce the outcome before it’s over. We recognise this may be frustrating for some people..."
A Populus poll published in The Times in June 2009 showed 61% of all adults supported gay marriage, a poll of Pink News readers in August showed 98% backing same-sex marriage - the leaders of both the Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats have come out in support of it.
Why can't Stonewall?
When your mission statement is "Working for equality and justice for lesbians, gay men and bisexuals," why do you have to have a consultation process on supporting marriage quality?


  1. I agree with Stonewall's position. Gay marriage was the wrong issue to rally around. Anyway queers need to be empowered through community and cultural efforts, not through state intervention. We don't want to be another captive constituency of socialist policy, here in the US.

  2. Officially Stonewall don't have a position on gay marriage.
    Sentence two makes a good point, but I'm afraid you lost me with the last line.
    Is this just an American habit of calling anything that's politically progressive as "socialist"?
    Here same-sex marriage has been a piece of equality legislation that tends to be supported keenly by gay men who are the least radical (and usually far from being socialists)...

  3. The story about Stonewall and Gay Marriage finally made it into the straight press on October 2nd - about a month after the open letter was launched.

    'Stonewall Is Split By Row On Same-sex Marriages' - there is a link to a second comment piece in the online version