Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Young Gay Men & HIV: A Youthful 38

Yesterday's Guardian ran a feature 'Young Gay Men Fueling HIV Epidemic, Study Warns', written by Sarah Boseley, the health editor.
"The HIV epidemic in Europe, including the UK, is being fuelled by the risky behaviour of young gay men, according to research published today.
"Public messages and campaigns about the dangers of unsafe sex do not appear to be getting through to men who have sex with men, the researchers say – particularly the young ones."
Young gay men today, eh? They don't know they're born!
The Guardian piece was syndicated to the US blog Queerty who ran the story with the photograph above, and a new title; 'Young White Gay Men Fueling HIV's Spread In Europe, Thanks to Bareback Sex'.
Cue more wailing and gnashing of teeth at our irresponsible gay youth.
The Terrence Higgins Trust's Nick Partridge wrote to The Guardian's letters page to point out their piece had a distinctly wonky take on the reasearch and its findings:
"Many gay men in their 30s would be delighted to be called young (Young gay men ignoring safe sex, HIV study warns, 7 September). The youngest man in the study was 32, and the average age was 38. While young gay men are of course at risk, the majority of gay men with HIV are actually infected in their 30s and 40s."

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