Tuesday, 14 September 2010

X Magazine: Hello!

Today is launch day for the brand spanking new X Magazine.
Fagburn has obediently (and excitedly) trotted down to his nearest Tesco (where it is "exclusively available") and paid £1.95.
Is it the Smash Hits for the MP3/X Factor/Lady Gaga/Miaow Miaow/David Cameron generation?
All we do know at this point is that it is the official X Factor magazine "Plus".
Sort of.
Oh, and Peter Robinson (he's a genius etc) from off of Popjustice is the editor.
I did do a live blogging thing as I leafed through it, but decided to delete it.
But basically, there's way too much X Factor in it for me, and not enough Pop.
There was no Justin Bieber at all, which seems somewhat bizarre.
And though I realise it's aimed squarely at the mainstream and ver kids - and really isn't meant for the likes of me - I was expecting a more Smash Hits-y/Popjustice-y tone to the mag.
You know; irony, piss taking out of pop stars, wit, irreverance and jokes and that.

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