Sunday, 14 November 2010

Grayson Perry: Also Hated By The Daily Mail

Today Grayson Perry joins the best club in the country - "Hated by The Daily Mail".
Brava Grayson, Fagburn as ever salutes you.
But what has he, what has he, what has he done to deserve this?
"The BBC has been attacked for lavishing licence-payers’ money on a bizarre radio programme featuring a cross-dressing artist who has become one of its favourite commentators on Government spending cuts.
"Grayson Perry was paid by Radio 4 to ride round Germany on a customised pink motorcycle with his childhood teddy, called Alan Measles, encased in a shrine on the back.
"Perry, 50, known for his ceramics, has become ubiquitous on the BBC, even appearing on Question Time and Newsnight, where he discussed the Comprehensive Spending Review with Jeremy Paxman."
I hate to break it to the Mail, but making radio programmes is what BBC Radio does.
The article lists 15 BBC radio and TV programmes Mr Perry has appeared on - it makes for chilling reading.
"JUNE 26, 2008: On BBC TV’s Question Time dressed as Bo Peep along with Yvette Cooper, the then Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Dame Pauline Neville-Jones, the Shadow Security spokesman, Chris Huhne, the Liberal Democrat Home Affairs spokesman, and Dame Ann Leslie, the celebrated Daily Mail foreign correspondent."
Grayson Perry has become quite a popular guest on BBC Radio 4 programmes this year - Fagburn suspects this is mainly because he's rather good at doing them.
And shouldn't the Daily Mail be pleased that the BBC puts Mr Perry on the radio, where viewers can not be disgusted by the sight of a man in a frock?


  1. What an absolute gem Grayson Perry is.
    Love him and his art.
    And he has excellent taste in music, of course!

  2. It's partly just the Mail eating itself, but he also has made it into boring Peter McKey's column today...

    "Cross-dressing potter Grayson Perry rides a pastel pink and blue motorbike around Germany for ten days for a BBC radio show, and is also interviewed on TV by the Corporation’s so-called creative director, Alan Yentob, who flies to Germany to have lunch with him.
    "BBC bosses are banking on the fact that anyone who complains this is a gross waste of licence-payers’ money will look humourless, for which there is no known defence."
    "The same applies to anyone who queries Perry’s appearances on Question Time and Newsnight. So I’m not going to bother."

    Err, you just have, you berk.

  3. he is not gay he is married to philipa perry my aunty hahahahaha!!!! he is my uncle looks like aunt perry

  4. I think he's OK, my only qualm about him is that some people will assume all men who cross-dress do it in such a loopy kind of way and it will reinforce their view that men dressing feminine is, and looks, weird. Personally though I couldn't give a toss what he chooses to look like and at least he's an individual. As far as I know though he used to dress more "normally" in his Claire mode, but he seems not to since he got famous, maybe so as to be deliberately provacative and controversial

  5. And what he looks like has no bearing on his ability to be interesting on a media show, especially if it's radio!