Monday, 15 November 2010

Grayson Perry & The Daily Mail: It's War!

After yesterday's outburst against Grayson Perry and the BBC in the Mail On Sunday, Mr Perry is also attacked in Peter McKay's column in today's Mail.
"Cross-dressing potter Grayson Perry rides a pastel pink and blue motorbike around Germany for ten days for a BBC radio show, and is also interviewed on TV by the Corporation’s so-called creative director, Alan Yentob, who flies to Germany to have lunch with him.
"BBC bosses are banking on the fact that anyone who complains this is a gross waste of licence-payers’ money will look humourless, for which there is no known defence."
Although one might conclude that Mr McKay had run out of things to put in his piss-poor column this week, so just recycled 150 words from the Mail On Sunday.
The Daily Star has also recycled the story today;
"BBC bosses have been slammed for sending a cross-dressing artist on a bonkers road trip with his teddy.
"They blew licence payers’ money on a radio show featuring camp Grayson Perry riding around Germany on a customised pink motorbike."
Luckily they published the lovely photo of Grayson above (Edit: It's not that one, their website's playing up - hang on...).
Unluckily the headline reads; 'BBC GAGA! WE PAY FOR ARTIST’S TRIP'.
(It must be terrible when you're subs are so old and out-of-touch they don't even get a reference to Queen's 'Radio Gaga' and change it...)
Here's arguably the moment in June 2008 the Mail first realised "the Turner prize winning transvestite" Grayson Perry was in league with the devil/the BBC; "Sir Robin Day would turn in his grave: Cross-dresser causes fury by appearing on Question Time panel as Little Bo Peep"
But why are the Mail gunning for the great Grayson Perry?
Could it possibly be that the Fall-loving potter has said something rather unflattering about the best newspaper in the world?


  1. I was really depressed earlier, but looking at those pictures of Grayson and just thinking about him and his art has really cheered me up and made me feel positive about your actual life and stuff.
    How ANYONE can get angry about this, let alone put a negative spin on the whole venture, is beyond me.

  2. I get really angry cause Phill Jupitus is on Radio 4 loads now - why?
    He's so not funny - you think there'd be at least a riot or two over this!!!!!!!!!