Thursday, 25 November 2010

Here Is Today's Schnooze: Being Boring

Fagburn isn't sure what he finds more boring.
Articles about gay men and sport - here's one from The Times about Gareth Thomas.
Or articles about gay men and religion - here's one of many from The Guardian about the schism in the Anglican Church.
I just wish journalists would get real on these two beyond tedious topics.
Gay men can't and don't do sport - apart from diving and ice skating and they're not really sports, just competitive gaiety.
Let's be honest: Gareth Thomas isn't really gay. He's a freak of nature or has turned funny after getting a blow to the head or something.
The Church of England should accept openly gay bishops because almost all its clergy are gay men.
Face facts God-botherers: The Church Of England is Britain's biggest gay club.
Thank you.

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