Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Out 100: Out Demons Out!

A royal wedding in the offing, The Beatles on iTunes and Children On Need on Friday - truly these are wonderful times to be a fuckwit.
The rest of us must somehow struggle on.
I haven't found anything to write about in today's papers yet, so here's a photo I like of Chris Colfer from the new Out 100; the US magazine's annual list of the top 100 gaylebrities who they wanted to take photos of who returned their calls.

• The photograph above is part of a Stonewall riots themed session. Mr Colfer's own views on Judy Garland are not known.


  1. that is a great picture. thanks.

  2. It's lovely, isn't it.
    The photographer is Roger Erickson.

  3. Judy Garland's death didn't have anything to do with the riots, did it?
    I think the story that the news catalysed the riot in some way is just a myth.

    Beautiful picture, though. Thanks.

  4. I'm sure Judy's death and funeral had heightened some peoples' emotions.

    Whether it is given prominence, played down, played up or downight denied says more about the writer of the account you're reading than anything I think...