Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Kissing Straight Boys: "Gay Chicken"

'Straight Men Kissing More - Why are more and more straight men locking lips in public – and does it mean the end of homophobia?'
The Guardian, January 4th 2011

In a word, no.


  1. The Guardian has really gone downhill. :(

  2. Lol Good of them to rely solely on research done by a 43 year old rather than asking people who've been in uni for the last two years.

    Usually when I see "gay chicken" happen its along with comments about real men wearing pink shirts and done by people who think going on someone elses facebook and putting their status as I am gay anyone up for bumfun or similar bollocks. Its affirmation of how straight they are and making being gay into one big joke.

    Though I'd say they are gay friendly in the sense you can be out and not get beaten up. Just get asked fashion advice and be reduced to a token stereotype.

  3. Guardian Letters today

    Homophobic bullies have not gone away

    Share The Guardian, Friday 7 January 2011 Article historyIt's encouraging that Eric Anderson's study is showing some positive changes in attitudes (The kissing game, Education, 4 January) but the reality is there's still some way to go before the "common experience for gay kids is that they are treated just fine".

    Stonewall's own research shows that homophobic bullying is rife in schools (nine in 10 teachers say their pupils currently experience homophobic bullying and 65% of pupils report experiencing direct homophobic bullying), and research by the Equality Challenge Unit finds that 49.5% of students in higher education have been treated in a negative way because of their sexual orientation.

    Homophobic bullying doesn't just stop at university. Stonewall's own University Guide shows that many universities still don't do enough to tackle homophobia on their campuses.

    Progress should certainly be celebrated – but there's still some way to go before we can say universities are homophobia-free.

    Gary Nunn