Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Uganda: Court Bans Rolling Stone Outing

"The Ugandan High Court has ruled that one of the country's newspapers cannot identify people as homosexuals," CBC News reports.
"The Dec. 30 decision said the Rolling Stone newspaper — which published stories in October identifying people the editor said were gay — could no longer publish the identities or home addresses of the people in the case, nor of homosexuals generally...
"At least four people said they were attacked because of the article, including one woman who said she had to move to a secret location after people began pelting her home with stones..."
As you can see from stories today about Jo Yeate's murder, above, and the Ford prison riots, below, outing is still a popular practice in the British press.
Sadly our own Press Complaints Commission has no problem with papers outing LGBT people.

UPDATE: The editor has issued a press release saying he'll fight the ruling.
He also argues the information and photos are in the public domain as they are taken from Gaydar.

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