Thursday, 20 January 2011

Bradley Manning: Five To One

It's worth noting that as The Guardian are official media partners with WikiLeaks - publishing The US Embassy Cables and Afghanistan: The War Logs in the UK - how little coverage they've given to the plight of Bradley Manning.
According to The Guardian's own search engine, the paper has mentioned Wikileaks 1,942 times, Julian Assange 452 times, and Bradley Manning just 92 times*.
Well, they've just remembered him again - though in a piece that appears online in CiF, and not in the print edition.
In The lonely battle against solitary confinement, James Ridgeway and Jane Cassela argue "The punitive incarceration of alleged WikiLeaks source Bradley Manning is cruel, certainly, but far from unusual in the US".
I'm sure this will come as a great comfort to Bradley.

Bradley Manning Support Network

*However compare this to mentions of queer hero Bradley Manning on Pink News and Pink Paper - zero. Shameful!

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