Saturday, 29 January 2011

The Bulls: No Room For Jesus

A Daily Telegraph reporter bravely goes to visit the B&B of convicted bigots Mr and Mrs Bull down in Cornwall.
"Britain’s most reviled landlady is perched on the edge of her creamy sofa with its plump duck egg blue cushions and lovely matching pouffe. Did I say pouffe? No offence. To anyone. I meant, of course, footstool."
Oh dear...
Hazelmary Bull says she's found some recent online bookings extremely upsetting.
“Name: Jesus Christ; Address: Heaven; Special Dietary Requirements: You disgust me and all decent folk, you foul, foul beings. I hope you go bankrupt as a result of this. You are both vile specimens of humanity and you will go to hell.”


  1. This is a truly terrible article - the style and the quality is almost as offensive as the content. I don't know what's going wrong at the Telegraph.