Monday, 10 January 2011

Carlos Castro Murder: Kill Or Cure?

There's nothing the press love more than a "brutal gay murder" - even if it happened in New York and the victim was a celebrity most British readers will almost certainly never have heard of.
The murder of Portugese TV journalist Carlos Castro had it all; the wealthy older victim, the arrest of his suspected lover, a young male model, Renato Seabra, and a bizarrely ritualistic death involving castration by corkscrew reportedly "to cure him of his homosexuality".
True to form The Telegraph and The Mail both went big on this immorality tale.
Cause the wages of sin is death, you know?
Fagburn liked this take on the sorry story, which asked the question we've all been thinking;
How will the murder affect business at the Intercontinental Times Square Hotel?
But the question Fagburn is thinking is this; How do you castrate someone with a corkscrew?

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  1. Suspect in murder of Carlos castro supporter of president Cavaco in Cantanhede