Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Cheryl Cole & Derek Hough: Friend Or Fauxmance?

'His family say the relationship is for real but gossips say it's a sham: So, is dancer Derek Hough really the right man for Cheryl Cole?' The Daily Mail wonders aloud.
"Why, then, are they being so shy? Could it be that Cheryl is holding back for another reason? For it must be said that there is a strong waft of disbelief from doubters who question whether dancer Derek is, well . . . macho enough for Cheryl’s taste.
"The suggestion has been made that their relationship is merely a ‘showbiz fauxmance’ one — an alleged affair conducted between friends that has the benefit of keeping them in the public eye and making both look more desirable...
"As for his personal life, since becoming a TV star Derek has had only one publicised relationship: with actress Shannon Elizabeth, his one-time dance partner on Dancing With The Stars - who was taller and 12 years older than him.
"They lived together - not as a couple, but with Mark Ballas and two other friends, plus four dogs including Derek’s poodle, named Lady Dog-Ga."

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