Sunday, 16 January 2011

Gareth Williams' Murder: Dying For His Art?

The surest sign of what a slow news week this has been is that the Sunday papers had to resort to digging up Gareth Williams.
''Spy in the bag' inquest delayed as police chase new leads', The Mail On Sunday announced in a headline that made the poor man sound like some sort of readymeal.
Though the Mail broke with tradition by not saying what these leads were - or without making some new ones up.
That was left to the Sunday Mirror with 'MI6 spy death could be bizarre art course accident'
"MI6 spy Gareth Williams – whose body was found naked in a padlocked bag – may have died while taking part in a bizarre experiment for an art project.
"Police now believe the codebreaker could have accidentally killed himself while doing research for a part-time art and fashion course after being set an assignment entitled Living Spaces."
And why not?
Fagburn did get a very strange email recently claiming that Mr Williams was taken out because he was a WikiLeaks-type whistleblower.
I'm only surprised none of the papers has gone with this one yet.
Or framed up an "eccentric" neighbour with a funny hairdo...


  1. There's a blog compiling international press coverage etc etc etc of Gareth Williams death - 'The Spy Who Knew Too Much'

  2. Sad news indeed. If the conspiracy is true, then whatever it is he has kept secret would be taken to his grave. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and loved ones.