Monday, 31 January 2011

The Gay Press: Off The Shelf?

Most UK and US media loved the story about the single US store that covered up the copy of US magazine with Elton and David and child on their front cover.
Even The Daily Mail sensed; 'Outrage as picture of Elton John's baby is covered with shield by U.S. supermarket to 'protect children'
Can't happen here!
Whoops, looks like everyone forgot there is a campaign group in the UK dedicated to hiding away gay magazines - and any gay imagery - behind a similar "family shield", and who ultimately want it all to be "Off the shelf".
The Front Page Campaign - currently getting some lovely uncritical/unthinking coverage in The Guardian and elsewhere.
Hail the new Puritans!
Be interesting to find out if any journalist on a gay magazine rises from their slumber and notices that some people are working towards their demise...

Please read this: Feminists Against Censorship

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