Saturday, 8 January 2011

Gilbert & George: Two Gentlemen Sharing

'About their own relationship they are — publicly at least — unsentimental. I ask if monogamy was essential to them. “That depends whether it is the weekend,” George says. Gilbert giggles. They had a civil partnership recently, which they celebrated with an Indian meal accompanied by their assistant and the bloke who is renovating their house. They say that it was primarily to protect their estate and the museum that they are planning — at their Spitalfields complex — after their deaths.
Gilbert: “Because if one of us died out of the blue, we’re finished. Everything would go to either my family or George’s.”
Me: Did it not mean anything to you as a couple?
Gilbert: “Solid. More solid.”
George: “But we didn’t want to do a straight imitation thing.”
Gilbert: “It felt resolute.”
I ask if they argue and George throws back his head and exclaims. “Ah, the great heterosexual question!” Not even artistic differences? “We have learnt how to deal with them. We have a system that works,” Gilbert says.'

The Times Review interviews Gilbert & George
As ever with features on G&G the subtext is that the fact that they are two elderly men living together and/or in a relationship is the real proof of what utter weirdos they are...

Gilbert & George: Urethra Postcard Pictures White Cube London SW1, from January 14th

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