Friday, 7 January 2011

Jo Yeates' Murder: Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Here's the front page of today's Daily Mirror.
Yes, the same Daily Mirror that on December 31st splashed with the story;
Joanna Yeates murder investigation: Chris Jefferies' bizarre past
"HIS wild hair, stern expression and fondness for polo-neck jumpers earned Christopher Jefferies a reputation as the local oddball.
"The 65-year-old was seen as an ­eccentric “nutty professor” – but now residents of Canynge Road in an upmarket suburb of Clifton in Bristol are coming to terms with the fact that he has been arrested in connection with the murder of his tenant Jo Yeates...
"A strict authoritarian known as “blue hair” or “comb-over” for his unusual hairstyle, his eccentric manner and long-term bachelor status sparked unfounded school gossip that he was gay."
The Mirror followed this up on January 2nd with the surreal and twisted story;
Joanna Yeates murder investigation: Chris Jefferies' 'favourite' poem was about killing wife
"A former student of bailed murder suspect Christopher ­Jefferies yesterday told how the retired English teacher’s favourite poem tells the story of a man who was hanged for cutting his wife’s throat."
Which is?
Wait for it...
“He was obsessed by Oscar Wilde. His favourite poem by Wilde was the Ballad of Reading Gaol..."
Despite the Mirror front page today bigging up their "exclusive" with a supposed quote from Christopher Jefferies, the paper has not interviewed him, but a friend of his, Irving Steggles.
Readers do learn that; "Friends have warned the pensioner to be careful about appearing in public because of the strength of public anger over Jo’s death.
"Mr Steggles revealed: “He realises that until the fuss has died down and come to some sort of resolution he must keep a low profile.”
I wonder why that might be...

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