Friday, 7 January 2011

John Grant: Second Life

Pleasing to see John Grant's Queen of Denmark voted album of the year in Mojo.
That and other plaudits mean QOD's being given another push for the new year, with a single Where Dreams Go To Die out at the end of January, and but of course a new round of press interviews.
Fagburn gets the impression that many journalists are rather titillated by the gay sex and drugs and religious upbringing narrative of Grant's Judy Garland life.
His biography is often retold as a parable - a warning; but hallelujah now he's saved!
It's the same allure Rufus Wainwright clearly holds for some - though Fagburn has interviewed Rufus and found his tales of excess about as convincing as Jay from The Inbetweeners.
Have a read of Andy Gill's rather good interview with Mr Grant in today's Independent by way of bad example.
"It's a miracle I don't have Aids. Because a lot of people haven't been spared. But that's what made me want to commit suicide last year. It was this horrible feeling of being less capable of intimacy than ever before. The older you get, all you can do is sexualise a relationship, because that's what affection means to you. And you become obsessed with age, because you become less sexually viable, less attractive to the younger ones, so you see all these 60-year-olds walking round wearing what the 20-year-olds are wearing, and it's just so sad. I have visions of that in my head – I'm, like, walking round a college campus with a hard-on at the age of 70, with a gun in my pocket, y'know, so that if I don't get laid I can blow my head off."
Yes, dear.

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