Thursday, 27 January 2011

Nick Grimshaw: Pixie Dust

Here's a lovely story the increasingly useless Fagburn missed, shamelessly lifted from the current issue of Private Eye.
'"More than just good friends" squealed the Daily Mail over the thrilling news that heriditary celebrity Pixie Geldof and Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw had been been spotted "looking cosy as they linked arms" while walking on Primrose Hill. "It's not the first time the ever-so-trendy couple have been romantically linked," the paper wittered.
'Hmm. That would be the Nick Grimshaw who, asked which TV stars he fancied in a recent Heat interview, replied "Steve Jones - Hubba hubba, growl! Also Bear Grylls."
'A few hours after publication the report on the Mail website was subtly amended to be about how Geldof had a nice coat instead.'

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