Wednesday, 19 January 2011

OK Magazine: Elton John's Baby

But what would Stephen Green say?


  1. Sorry to be a bitch (and congratulations to them both) but who the fuck took that photo!?
    Elton looks like the Honey Monster.

  2. So after playing at Rush Limbaugh's birthday, Elton John now poses for Richard Desmond's OK! According to Private Eye, Desmond recently greeted Jim Davidson with the words "I had that fucking poof Dale Winton in here the other day". Why is Elton John giving his mag the sales boost?

  3. Faggots adopting a baby boy. That poor sick child living with such filthy, dysfunctional people.
    Society has sunk to gutter level to allow this sort of thing.
    We are back in the days of buggery, sodomy and bestiality.
    God help this planet!!!!

  4. He's not adopted, but thanks for your input.