Monday, 3 January 2011

Pink News: Good News/Bad News

There have been some great posts on Pink News in the last few days - angry impassioned stuff about the BBC getting Christian Voice's Stephen Green to comment on Elton John and David Furnish's son.
Here is the latest; 'Exclusive - BBC: Gay execution supporter interview was required to ‘balance’ Elton John baby coverage'
"A spokesman for the corporation told that the interview with a right-wing Christian fundamentalist allowed the BBC News at Six to reflect a genuine debate over the issue of surrogacy for gay couples..."
An in-no-way hysterical comment piece advising angry Pink News readers to stop paying the BBC licence fee made it into The Independent.
Pink News has published five posts on this story in the last few days - doing exactly what you want the gay media to do; agitate, educate, organise.
It is worth noting that none of these stories or op-eds have a by-line and were published over the Christmas break.
Fagburn will hazard a guess that they were all written by Pink News' founder Ben Cohen.
And when Pink News' famously useless "editor" Jessica Geen returns from the holidays "Europe's largest gay news service" will return to cut and pasting press releases.


  1. ...doing exactly what you want the gay media to do; agitate, educate, organise.

    YES! And right now, with the current climate - which seems increasingly homophobic - we need that more than ever.

  2. Won't happen though - sad...

  3. Not with those who currently run gay media, but they won't be around forever.
    I'm sure enough people will get sick of it eventually and change things.
    If I think of what it must have been like creating the gay press in this country in the first place and the opposition people like Denis Lemon faced, and yet they still achieved it - it is very sad to see how complacent and redundant his modern counterparts have become and how asinine the gay press is now.
    Things will improve though, I think. Eventually...

  4. The thing that strikes me about the British gay press is it's amazing what you can get away with.

    You can write a load of impassioned left-wing stuff and your bosses won't notice - up to a point.

    And, similarly, you can just be a workshy lazy timeserver reprinting whatever press releases you're emailed and get away with it for years.

    Sad but true...

  5. I should have said that Pink News founder Ben Cohen - who was probably behind the anonymous posts criticising BBC News - works for Channel 4 News.
    No conflict of interest there...

  6. Staff writer at Pink News couldn't write fuck on a dusty Venetian blind. The post on Andrew Pierce was so poorly written.

  7. PinkNews founder Ben Cohen wrote on this story for the Channel 4 News website, and declared an interest.