Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Elton John: Hated By The Daily Mail

Fagburn has been wondering how long it will be before we saw Mr Elton John threaten legal action against some of the grim press coverage on his son by surrogate pregnancy, Zachary.
The not-so subtle subtext of which is often; how can we let a pervert bring up a baby?
The Daily Mail should consider themselves lucky - no law suit, but an official statement regarding a piece in The Daily Mail - 'Elton's Rocketing Army Of Staff For Zac Increases By Rockets By Half' - has appeared on Elton John's Facebook page;
"Some reports about Elton are based upon stupidity of the reporter. Other reports are based upon prejudice. Sometimes, as with the latest article in the Daily Mail today, reports are based upon both stupidity and prejudice.
"The Daily Mail claims that Elton's staff went from 14 to 22 between 2008 and 2010 and implies that the increase is due to arrangements being made for the birth of Zachary. This claim has now been picked up and distorted by others on the internet...
"The article is yet another piece of pathetic journalism by a newspaper with a continuing agenda against Elton."
Read the statement in full here.
Elton John is famously litigious over inaccurate press coverage.
And Fagburn sees the media feeding frenzy over Elton's baby all ending in tears - and in court...

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