Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Channel 4: Ban This Filth!

"We visited 75 supermarkets, newsagents and independent newsagent retailers to find out where shops were placing their lads’ mags. Magazines like Nuts, Zoo, Gay Times, Attitude and Bizarre; all of which featured nudity or semi nudity on the covers and inside.
"Incredibly, it was on the shelves low enough for toddlers to see.
"It’s just shocking to think what impact this could have on the emotional and mental well-being of our children.
"We want people to wake up and smell the coffee, to have a look around at what is happening – these children are going to be the future generation of parents."

The Daily Mirror provides a taster for what you'll hear argued on Channel 4 tonight [Edit: "Lads Mags" are in Part II on Wednesday] in Stop Pimping Our Kids.
(The same Channel 4 that showed The Joy Of Teen Sex in February, incidentally).
"It’s about the over sexualisation of children, which is a huge issue and a massive concern for parents and experts alike," writes presenter Anna Richardson.
"They worry how is it affecting the psyche of children and their attitude towards sex and relationships."
Anna Richardson would clearly prefer children to grow up with a sense of shame about their own bodies and about sex.
Other revelations made by Channel 4 include a shop selling "a T-shirt with Future Footballers wife stamped across it, for a three to four year old" and "boys are being told that they need to trim their pubic hair".
Fagburn has warned before about the Front Page Campaign trying to get gay mags hidden away or taken off the shelf in UK stores.


  1. Whenever I've bought gay mags, mostly Attitude, they've always been on the top shelf with the pron.

    Apropos of nothing, that Blue cover keeps turning me on :'(

  2. Annoying banshee woman.