Saturday, 23 April 2011

The Daily Mail: A Little Cross

A touching profile of Colin Atkinson in today's Daily Mail;
'I'm proud of my cross - but Christianity is becoming a dirty word in this country', says the electrician threatened with the sack for displaying crucifix.
"An ex-miner, ex-soldier and one-time baker, he is softly spoken with huge ears..."
The Daily Mail reporter waits until paragraph twelve to drop the bombshell that Colin is not banned from putting his stupid cross in his van window.
But anyway; 'Colin isn’t the first Christian to fall foul of the equality zealots. There was the British Airways worker who was told she couldn’t wear a crucifix at work, even though the hijab was acceptable for colleagues who wished to proclaim their Islamic faith.
'Colin adds more examples: ‘There was the bed and breakfast couple, charged with discrimination, for turning away a gay couple because they weren’t married [Sic].
'‘And Eunice and Owen Johns, from Derby, who were prevented from fostering because they disapproved of homosexuality.
'‘They all stood up for themselves — they spoke out. And now it’s our turn. We’re not homophobic, we’re not against other religions and we’re happy to let others live and let live. But why should we sit back and be picked on?''
It's certainly something to think about...

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  1. yeah, christianity is a dirty word.
    oh, hold on... we're currently in the middle of a fucking national christian bonkers-a-thon celebrating gruesome murder and mass hysteria.