Monday, 18 April 2011

The Guardian: Letter Of The Week

Your report on the gay protest outside the John Snow pub in Soho says organisers "urged same-sex individuals to engage in kissing" (No kissing here: pub in homophobia row closes in vain bid to thwart gay protest, 16 April). What precisely is a "same-sex individual"?

Simon Edge


The Guardian.

• "To show our support for gay kissing in public we present a Celebration of Gay Kisses especially for you to enjoy. Videos from YouTube featuring clips from As The World Turns, Hollyoaks, Torchwood, Queer as Folk, Oz and Dante's Cove" - ATV Today.


  1. If it turns out they were doing more than just kissing, shall we have a mass grope-in?

  2. Have you seen thisBBC News report on the Kiss-in.
    Surreal bit where they interview Peter Tatchel and he is STALKED BY A DEEP SEA DIVER!!!
    About2.30 in.