Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Royal Wedding: Who Cares?

"Two thirds of the British public are largely indifferent or don’t care at all about the royal wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton, according to opinion polls. One third of municipalities have no applications for officially encouraged royal wedding street parties and nearly two thirds have very few. There is no great public enthusiasm for William and Kate’s nuptials. Most people don’t hate the royals, but neither do they love them. Monarchy is losing its luster. It’s fast becoming just another strand of celebrity culture and soap opera.
"William and Kate have gay friends but don’t publicly acknowledge them. Members of the royal family who are gay or bisexual hide in the closet and have sham marriages, despite most of the British public accepting LGBTI people and LGBTI equality. What’s the problem with this backward royal family?
"Of course, I wish William and Kate every happiness, as I would wish any couple, gay or straight. But I don’t defer to the royals and I don’t think they are special. Why should we celebrate this privileged couple? When he becomes king, William will inherit the immense personal wealth accumulated by his royal ancestors through slavery, war, pillage, and colonization. If he had a conscience, he would give away the monarch’s personal wealth as reparations to the victims of centuries of regal tyranny..."

Comment by Peter Tatchell on Advocate.com.
A spokesperson from the Metropolitan Police said today that protestors on Friday could have their placards removed and be charged under the Public Order Act - as people who want to abolish the monarchy are clearly pro-democracy campaigners this is pretty shameful.
Will dressing up as a zombie also be an arrestable offence?


  1. If the police do arrest pro-democracy campaigners in London will NATO bomb London?

  2. Protesting a wedding really is slightly less classy that the ridiculous media circus its piggybacking on.

    They don't acknowledge their gay friends, what? So is he suggesting they are meant to publicly announce the sexuality of their friends?
    I was under the impression the Queen Mother was a bit of a faghag, and Diana did her bit for HIV.
    Tatchell is a complete moron. In the full article he somewhat hilariously calls them racist for being white, and the Queen homophobic for not being a gay rights activist.

    Some people are Royal, get over it etc.