Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Schools: "Do You Know Any Gay People?"

"Do you know any gay people?" asks Sir Ian McKellen asks. Silence. Heads shake. "Well, you do now. I'm gay." It's my turn to speak up. "You know two now. I used to go to this school – and I'm gay," I offer. "You know three now," a sixth-former chips in. The other pupils don't look too surprised, and he seems admirably comfortable in his sexuality. Silence. Then: "Erm. Well. You know four now." Heads shoot around to see a uniformed boy, leaning close to McKellen. Mouths fall slightly open – including mine – but nobody speaks. Then McKellen says, in that mellifluous voice of his, "Well. How about that? It turns out we all know quite a few more gay people than we thought we did."

'McKellen Takes Gay Tour To Schools', Gary Nunn in The Guardian.
Nice piece, but The Guardian has neglected to mention Gary Nunn is the former press officer for Stonewall. Oops!


  1. Said the "anonymous" Fagburn. Oops!

  2. Hello kids, I am Sir Ian McKellen, don't come out til you're 56...

  3. Hey anonymous, whilst that might be true, I think that he has taken steps since then to ensure he is of service to gay people. he's worked, tirelessly, for free, to help others to avoid the conflicting feelings he clearly had so that they can come out when still young.