Sunday, 3 April 2011

Schools: Great Lies Of Our Time 2

Last Sunday Fagburn wrote about a particularly odious story in The Sunday Times;
"It involves a monumental, acrobatic act of shittiness to look at a sensitive study about the difficulties of negotiating how to ask bullied schoolchildren if they'd been picked on because they were gay, and to write it up as a stupid story headlined; '11 Year-olds Asked: Are You Gay?'
"The title of the paper might have given even an idiot a clue about its real intention; 'Researching and Monitoring Adolescence and Sexual Orientation: Asking the Right Questions, at the Right Time'"
The Daily Express loved this sick twist on the truth and shamelessly, shamefully lifted it on Monday; 'FURY erupted yesterday at “sinister” plans to quiz 11-year-old children to see if they are straight, gay or bisexual'
On Wednesday Express columinist Ann Widdecombe waded in; 'HOMOSEXUAL QUIZ FOR 11-YEAR-OLDS'
"A REPORT for the loony Equality and Human Rights Commission recommends that children should be asked if they are homosexual from the age of 11 and that a record should be kept of any children “questioning” their sexuality..."
In today's Sunday Express, columnist Nick Ferrari is predictably frothing at the mouth; 'SEX SURVEY IS PERVERSE'
" the eyes of the Government it could soon be acceptable to ask every child as young as 11 if they are gay."
In fact the report recommended conducting more research into a difficult and understudied subject.
This is fucking scary - and reminded Fagburn of the sort of homophobic misreporting about schools and sexuality that helped usher in Section 28 in the 1980s.
Some clearly would prefer that gay kids continue being literally bullied to death.
You'd imagine the gay media would be up in arms about this.
But no - they just lifted and repeated the distortion.
'UK equality watchdog recommends that children as young as 11 could be quizzed on their sexuality' - James Park, Pink News.
The Pink Paper's Jonny Payne even foregrounded their story with a quote from a Tory MP lifted from The Daily Mail; 'Questioning of 11-year-olds on sexuality condemned by senior MP - A government-funded report that backs the prospect of children as young as 11 being questioned on their sexuality has been branded as “sinister and threatening” by a senior politician'
Did either the piss-poor Pink News or ask School's Out or the EHRC or Stonewall if the story was accurate?
Of course not.
In the age of the internet they could have looked up what the report actually said in five seconds.
What is the point of the gay press if the people writing for it are not just literally incapable of noticing, questioning and challenging homophobic lies in the mainstream media, but cut-and-paste the exact same homophobic bollocks as the worst of the straight press and present it to their readers as news?
Is this the best we can do?


  1. I agree,I've now made a decision not to even bother looking at the Pink News.

  2. The Pink paper is far worse.
    Why don't they just say "We've been sent this press release about..." and then print the URL?