Sunday, 17 April 2011

Stupid Poll Watch: Many Gay Tories Voting Tory

'Clegg Tops Gay Poll — But For Looks Rather Than Policies' reports The Sunday Times.
Message: Nick Clegg is a joke. Being gay is a joke.
Wait there's more...
"The poll, conducted among 1,100 mainly city-dwelling gay men, also reveals that 36% would vote Tory if there were a general election tomorrow.
"Labour comes second with 34% while, regardless of Clegg’s personal appeal, the Liberal Democrats trail with 22%."
Really? So who's behind this poll?
"The survey was carried out by Jake, a gay networking organisation, run by Ivan Massow, a businessman and Tory supporter."
Ah Jake - the site for "the UK's gay professional community".
So, it's not for gay men that are "city-dwelling", but gay men who work in the city - gay businessmen, guppies.
And 36% of these rich queens say they'll vote Tory - you amaze me!*
The tragedy is that these completely unscientific online "polls" are often quoted back at us as evidence of gay mens' actual voting habits - even when they're distinctly partisan and/or they've clearly been targeted by political parties so the results go up and down like a rent boy's knickers.
And don't get me started on that foxhunting fuckwit Ivan Massow...

* This is also marginally less than the proportion of the general population who say they'd vote Tory in the latest YouGov/SundayTimes poll.

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