Saturday, 9 April 2011

Thought For The Day: Boy George

"These things go in circles. In the early 80s there was this sense that things were changing, and becoming more open-minded. But we don't have that sort of gorgeous youth culture any more, the glam rockers, the New Romantics. People aren't so individual any more. There is this sense of why would you want to stand out and make a show of yourself?
"You can find that sort of attitude in the gay community too. That if you are an exhibitionist you are somehow spoiling the big assimilation. Most gay men go out of their way to look normal and fit in, but Philip is not of that breed."

Boy George talking to The Guardian after his friend, club promoter Philip Sallon, was beaten up in the West End of London last Saturday.
George often says things like the above.
There's some truth in it, but while it seems radical, his tendency to paint gay men as our own worst enemies, and harking back to the Good Old Gays of yore is actually quite reactionary.
Westminster Police are not treating the attack on Sallon as homophobic.

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