Monday, 23 May 2011

All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace: Stupid Is As Stupid Gets

I don't understand why people who I respect love the stupid programmes made by Adam Curtis.
Perhaps they are stupid?
Here is Mr Curtis's new stupid programme All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace.
Can anyone tell me what he is arguing - or were you just dazzled by the funky graphics and nice soundtrack?
It's hard to even know if he likes or hates Ayn Rand and General Suharto FFS!
How ironic that people turn off their brains for this stupid pointless pretentious idiotic pseudo-radical conspiracy theorist MTV mush.
Another victory for the stupid people!


  1. What are your real criticisms of his argument? The programme is too complex to simply dismiss with "it's stupid". That's lazy.

  2. I think he's great :p and I shall be watching this fillum later...

  3. Once you've watched it could you let me know what he's trying to say?
    Thank you?

  4. Will do!
    I like being brainwashed with music and style... :)

  5. Okay, it was about how some people in Silicon Valley in the '80s had read Ayn Rand and how Ayn Rand had a bunch of nutters around her; one of whom even let her husband have an affair with Ayn, which she was ashamed of because it amounted to altruism. It was also about Bill Clinton banging Monica Lewinsky.
    It was about Alan Greenspan, who was also a disciple of Ayn Rand, and how his policies were good and then bad and in the end didn't much matter because of the economic rise of Asia.
    Also, it was somehow about computers and how bad they are. I think.
    Mostly, it was about how a thin argument peppered with assertions with almost no factual evidence or corroboration can be stretched over an hour with archive footage and moody or ironic music.