Monday, 23 May 2011

Brokeback Mountain: Bad Romance

"Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger’s rodeo romance in Brokeback Mountain has been voted film fans’ top on-screen love affair.
"The gay cowboys beat the bunny-boiling fling ­between Michael Douglas and Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction into second place.
Controversial romp Lolita – about a man’s obsession with a schoolgirl – was third, with Julia Roberts’ hooker date with Richard Gere in Pretty Woman fourth.
"Star-crossed lovers Romeo & Juliet’s doomed crush made it to number five in the poll by DVD rental service Lovefilm.
"Steamy flicks Notes On A Scandal, Disclosure, The Graduate, Match Point and Unfaithful made up the rest of the top 10 in the love flick stakes.
"Fliss White, of Lovefilm, said: “From under-age encounters to love triangles, we are definitely a nation which loves a scandal.”"

The Daily Mirror.
Dutifully cut and pasted by Jonny Payne at The Pink Paper.

Actually Lovefilm's poll was of "The top ten film affairs in need of a super injunction."

Here they are:

1.Brokeback Mountain (22 per cent)
2.Fatal Attraction (18 per cent)
3.Lolita (13 per cent)
4.Pretty Woman (12 per cent)
5.Romeo & Juliet (nine per cent)
6.Notes on a Scandal (six per cent)
7.Disclosure (five per cent)
8.The Graduate (four per cent)
9.Match Point (three per cent)
10.Unfaithful (two per cent)

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