Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Bruce Forsyth: Nice To See You...

"Lads at school would often call me a pansy. I used to love football but I used to sling my boots in the corner when I got home from school and put my tap shoes on.
"One day a kid did have a go at me and said, 'Oh are you going to your dancing lessons? You don't want to be late'. I pulled him off his bike and gave him a right handful.
"That's the side of me nobody knows about it...
"When I first started at the Palladium, for the first couple of years, people thought I was a homosexual because of the way I walked.
"But my reputation caught up with me and they found out that wasn't true. I love life and ladies. Especially ladies, in that order."

Brucie telling it like it is to Rob Brydon, according to The Sun.
Bruce Forsyth is 109.

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