Sunday, 8 May 2011

Evan Davis: The Gay Today

Thrilling news for lovers of popular TV economics programmes!
Evan Davis - one of Fagburn's most favourite people - has two new TV series coming up on BBC2; Business Nightmares and Made In Britain.
The Observer used this as an excuse to run a Q&A with the Today presenter.
Mr Davis makes some quite fascinating points about the decline of the UK's manufacturing industries and Japanese/US exchange rates, but Fagburn would be lying like a Lib Dem manifesto if he didn't say he was really interested in the last two questions and answers.

Does it annoy you when you're called a gay presenter?
It doesn't annoy me but I think of myself as a presenter who is gay, rather than a gay presenter. It's a subtle distinction, but that's how I view it. I don't think I'm hugely camp on air. Private Eye did do a funny spoof of me interviewing Peter Mandelson in which it was all, 'Ooh get her…' [laughs]. I'm quite proud to be gay; I'm not hiding it.

What about when you were photographed in jeans with a biker chain…
I was papped! Apparently, I was breaking some hidden Daily Mail sartorial rule that meant I had to dress in a suit to go across the road to get milk. I think the headline was "Please Mr Davis, Won't You Dress Your Age?". That phrase – "Please Mr Davis" – is used in our household quite a lot by my partner. "Pleeeease Mr Davis, won't you do the washing up…"

Shame The Observer thought the banal truism - "I'm a presenter who is gay rather than a gay presenter" - was worthy of being used as a headline.
As a tribute to Tinsel Tits Evan Davis, Fagburn has reprinted one of the paparazzi shots above.
Eat your heart out, Britney!


  1. Is Evan nicking the charity box in that photo?

  2. Why were the paps following Evan Davis in the first place!?
    Maybe Staci from the third series of X Factor was standing behing him...