Monday, 16 May 2011

Gay Kiss TV Watershed Ban: "It's Utter Nonsense"

Coronation Street's Antony Cotton has said Prime Minister David Cameron is "not in touch with the people" for backing a proposed ban on showing same-sex kisses before the watershed.
The actor, who plays gay father Sean Tully in the soap and is gay himself, said the policy was "nonsense" and "unenforceable".
Speaking at the British Soap Awards, Cotton said: "That just goes to show that the man doesn't know what he's talking about and he's not in touch with the people.
"As for that policy, it's utter nonsense. And one would hope that in 2011 it's entirely unenforceable because it's a nonsense."

This is from a Press Association story that's just gone out.
It'll probably appear - exactly as above - in your local paper tomorrow.
A few points: Antony Cotton doesn't now what he's talking about.
Talking about "that policy" is "utter nonsense" - because there is no such policy.
Nor is there "a proposed ban".
We are waiting for an independent report on children and TV that has not been published yet.
We have no idea what it says about same-sex kissing - this was a fantasy dreamt up by the Daily Mail - or indeed what it says about anything.
David Cameron has not "backed a proposed ban on same-sex kissing before the watershed" - firstly because no-one has proposed one, and secondly because he has not seen the report and has not made any comment on it.
And, yes Antony, a ban on gay kissing but not straight kissing would probably be unenforceable as it contravenes the Equality Act.
Will any journalist bother checking this stupid story?*
FOR FUCKS SAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

* Credit where credit's due - one journalist has bothered to check this story with Downing Street - James Park at Pink News.

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