Thursday, 19 May 2011

Kenneth Clarke: Live At The Witch Trials

"I cannot remember a day of such exaggerated political hysteria since the last one. Anyone would have thought that Ken Clarke had declared that he was soft on rapists and the causes of rape. He did not make such a declaration and nor did he come close to doing so. Instead, he made a single error. Although acutely aware that reforming law and order tends to generate emotive debate, he agreed to go on a national phone-in to discuss his reforms, during which, inevitably, victims of crime, including rape, would call..."

Steve Richards, The Independent, asks 'Anyone hear what Clarke really said on rape sentencing?'
Clearly not.
What a shoddy shameful episode this has been.
Another victory for the stupid people.
Well done stupid people - it's your world.
We just live in it.

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