Monday, 16 May 2011

Littlejohn 2.0: Making Your Mind Up

There's an ecstatic review in the Mail of Bucks Fizz playing G-A-Y's Eurovision party on Saturday night.
"They took G.A.Y by storm as they performed a six-song set of their old favourites," Georgina Littlejohn writes, giving the late Dorothy Parker a run for her money.
Hoorah for the mighty Fizz, verily it must have been a magical night!
This isn't the first time Georgina has written about having a gay old time getting down with The Gays at G-A-Y.
I wonder if her father approves of the nocturnal company she keeps?
By a wonderful - yet statistically improbable - coincidence her old man also writes for the Daily Mail.
He is - oh, you're ahead of me - the Daily Mail's £700,000 a-year star columnist and homophobe-in-chief, Richard Littlejohn.

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