Sunday, 29 May 2011

Take That: "Which One's Gay?"

"Opening night, opening night
Take That are back and everyone wants to know
Which one's fat
Which one's thin and
Which one's gay
I don't know but my money's on Jay
I just had some coke and slept with a whore
But hey, I'll be OK
That's what super injunctions are for"

Professional cheeky chappie Robbie Williams raps at the first night of Take That's big comeback/reunion tour - which is getting some rather over-the-top reviews.
"It felt like that almost mythical event: a once in a lifetime pop experience" panted Dave Simpson in The Guardian.
Yes dear.
The cheapest tickets for their upcoming dates at Wembley Stadium are a snip at £57.

Update: Just finished trawling through the Sunday papers, it appears there is fuck all news today. Sorry.

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