Monday, 23 May 2011

Westboro Baptist Church: Even Christians Hate You

"The notorious protests against homosexuals by the Westboro Baptist Church have backfired after a prominent comedian felt inspired to donate to a gay charity on their behalf.
"Crass comedian Lisa Lampanelli has pledged to make a $50,000 donation to the Gay Men’s Health Crisis charity after Westboro Baptist church protesters turned up to picket one of her shows.
"Lampanelli promised to donate $1,000 in the name of every Westboro member who protested outside her show last Friday night in Topeka, Kansas, also home to the Westboro Baptist Church.
"Although 48 Westboro members turned up, Lampanelli decided to round it up. Now a $50,000 donation will be made to the Gay Men’s Health Crisis “in their name.”
"Critics of Westboro are quipping that the fundamentalist church has inadvertently made a positive contribution to gay causes."

From The Christian Post.

I keep saying this but the total mentalists at WBC are our own best enemy.
Here's Lisa's website.
Fagburn salutes you, Lisa!

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