Saturday, 25 June 2011

The Daily Mail: In Defence Of The Penis In Public

"It's been around for 500 years but now the manhood on Michelangelo's David has upset the sensitivities of Leicestershire council.
"When a couple put up a replica of the nude statue outside their home a killjoy council told them to move it - because it was causing offence.
"Although thousands see the 16th century artwork in Florence, Italy, every year, officials in Stamford swooped within days when Clive and Joan Burgess put their replica up.
"The couple, who live in a warden-controlled sheltered accommodation complex, were told their neighbours had complained.
"Now they have hidden the statue, behind a shrub and a patio set in the garden of neighbour Sue Cullen.
"They said they are shocked the statue has created such a stir...
"[A] neighbour who did not want to be named, said: 'Who wants to look at a man's private parts every time they go out the house...'"

The Daily Mail.
If you read down to the last two paragraphs of the article you find out that the "killjoy council" didn't really "tell them to move it" - "We didn't deem it to be offensive however we did explain that several residents had expressed that they were upset by it..." - but what the hey?
I bet the quote from the "neighbour who didn't want to be named" is made up, too.
I wish the Mail would make up its mind if it's the house journal of the prudish or not...