Thursday, 23 June 2011

David Cameron: A Joke

“It’s great to have this reception here today. Sir Ian McKellen is here tonight, I think, and we had the Queen and Prince Phillip here for lunch yesterday.
"Who can say they’ve had two of Britain’s most prominent queens over in 48 hours?”

David Cameron, noted wit, Devil-worshipper, queer cutter and Tory sleazeball, at a reception for LGBT people involved in sport at 10 Downing Street last night.
It's a wonder no-one has made a joke a gay man being "a queen" and the UK's head of state being "the Queen" before, really.
Please see Russell T Davies on the "evil" David Cameron below - thank you.

Update: Despite being widely reported as being a reception for LGBT people involved it sport it was actually a - what now seems annual - LGBT reception hosted by Cameron, where he said he made a point of inviting out sports personalities.
Yup, both of them.

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