Monday, 20 June 2011

David Laws: "So How Did He Get Himself Into This Mess?"

The Financial Times tries to find out.
"To say that he kept his sexuality under wraps is something of an understatement. He never discussed it with anyone until he started his relationship with James Lundie “10 years ago, or whenever it was”. Lundie is sometimes described in the media as the Most Handsome Liberal Democrat – a ­curiously uncoveted title. Veteran journalist Lynn Barber called the lobbyist “dazzlingly handsome, nay gorgeous”. Was this Laws’s first serious relationship? “Yes – the first. Full stop.”
"But Britain in the 1980s was hardly Uganda; he was growing up in one of the west’s most tolerant societies and had political leanings towards a party that openly embraced diversity of every kind. Even if he felt unable to come out at school, surely it would have been possible at Cambridge University (where he secured a double first in economics with some of the highest marks recorded in the past 30 years)? “At university none of my friends were gay,” he says. It was just easier to say nothing."
Good piece by George Parker.
Can't stick his politics but I do feel sorry for the silly bugger.

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  1. I was expecting Lundie to be some kind of adonis based on those descriptions of him...