Wednesday, 15 June 2011

EastEnders: The Vortex

"I think EastEnders was the first soap to broadcast a gay kiss about 24, 25 years ago so it's only taken them 25 years to get into the bedroom from the living room... I think that we showed a heterosexual kiss on Monday night between Max and Vanessa that had no complaints, so I think we're right to show a loving, tender relationship within the context of the timeslot... I think Christian and Syed are the most established gay, loving relationship on TV. It wasn't crude, it wasn't over-sexual. It was something that you see every day within a heterosexual relationship and I stand by the decision to do it. [Syed] had just accepted his marriage proposal, so it was a beautiful moment."

Bryan Kirkwood, Executive Producer, Eastenders.
Just to push Fagburn even closer to insanity he was actually discussing this on This Morning this very morning.
Where! Will! This! Media! Vortex! END!!?

Michael Cashman tweeted today; "25 years ago this month I played EastEnders gay Colin. A first!" (Fagburn thinks "gay Colin" may not have appeared until August 1986. And gay Gordon had come out in Brookside the year before anyway. But let's not split hairs).

Update: The vortex carried on into Thursday's Sun; 'Two in a bed is fine, says Enders chief'
A reader has left the comment;
"to the 125 people that complained you have a button on your remote that you can turn it OFF or turn OVER because the bbc have shown what 2 men in bed dont complain when its 2 women are in bed"


  1. At least we get to see loads of pictures of Christian and Syed with their tops off. :)

  2. I'll be surprised if there are no complaints about the current Corrie gay parenting story.

  3. On this form, some Christian group will get 150 people to pretend they were bothered, then no-one will notice for two weeks, then all the papers will suddenly realise IT WAS THE WORST THING EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!